General Knowledge

1) Google was founded on_________?

2) "Ratoons" is associated with__________?

3) "The War Cross with Sword" is the highest military award of __________?

4) "Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA)" is the intelligence agency of __________ ?

5) Constantinople, the capital of Roman Empire was captured by Turks in ___________ ?

6) Treaty of Versailles was signed on ________ ?

7) The Last country of Axis power to surrender during the end of world war II was ________ ?

8) Benito Mussolini was a leader of _________ ?

9) In which country the revolution of 1848 first begins that lead to a series of revolutions?

10) Who started the construction of Colosseum in Rome?

11) Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan in:

12) In which province maximum languages are spoken?

13) Which Urdu has been taken from the following language:

14) Word Urdu means:

15) What is the total length of railway tracks in Pakistan?

16) Which city is famous for chappal and Khussa?

17) On which river ,India is planning to build Kishanganga Dam?

18) " Gila river " is located in ___________?

19) When did the New York Stock Exchange opens its first permanent headquarters near Wall Street in New York City.

20) When did Great Britain enters the Seven Years War against Spain and Naples?

21) Which is the national flower of Germany?

22) Kirana mountains are present in________?

23) Which is the highest military award of france?

24) A group of mostly female lions is called__________?

25) Slavery was abolished in America in_________?

26) The highest cold desert in the world is Katpana Desert. It is located in

27) The largest eggs in the world today are the eggs laid by the

28) Alexandria is a city in

29) Charlie Chaplin, one of the most important figures in the history of the film industry was a/an _______ actor.

30) We live on the planet Earth. According to the scientists, the Earth was formed about _____ years ago.

31) Dinosaurs and many other species were extinct about _____ years ago.

32) Panama (a country) connects the two continents

33) There are 7 continents in the world. The total area of these 7 continents is about

34) The Panama Canal in Panama is a man-made 77 km waterway that connects

35) Islands which measure less than one acre (or less than 4046.86 meter square) are often referred to as

36) The Pico Island is Located in

37) Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul is popularly known as the

38) The Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the ancient 7 wonders of the world, is located in

39) Lake Lucerne that has complicated shape with several sharp bends and four arms is located in

40) Which city is also called The City of 1,000 Minarets?

41) The South Pole of the Earth is located in

42) The North Pole of the Earth is located in

43) Which statement is true about South and North Poles of the Earth?

44) The Sinai Peninsula is located in

45) Augusta Raurica, a Roman archaeological site, was a/an

46) Augusta Raurica is located in

47) The Pena Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in

48) The bridge in Istanbul, Turkey that connects Asia and Europe is called

49) The first European to reach India by sea was

50) Vasco da Gama was a/an __________ explorer.