1) What is the main purpose of white blood corpuscles?

2) Total volume of blood in a normal human being is

3) Red blood corpuscles are formed in the

4) Blood does not coagulate inside the body to the presence of

5) Lungs are situated in the

6) How many numbers of bones in the human body of an adult ?

7) The pancreas secretes

8) The seat of memory in the human brain is located in the

9) Tibia is a bone found in the

10) The main function of the kidney is

11) The strongest muscle in the human body is found in

12) What is gene?

13) The function of haemoglobin is

14) A vegetable containing sulphur is

15) Enzymes help in

16) Ptyalin is an enzyme produced in the

17) Heightened emotion is caused by

18) The shortest bone in the human body is

19) A balanced diet contains

20) Wisdom teeth normally grow between the age of

21) Food is prevented from entering into the larynx by:

22) Oxygen from the lungs enter into the blood due to

23) Which part of the air passageway is also called windpipe ?

24) Respiration at cellular level is known as

25) Chemotherapy is a treatment of

26) Abdul Qasim Al-Zahrawi was born in

27) All of the following are the adaptation of xero-phytes except

28) From a nephron wastes enter into the

29) Liver also plays a role in excretion .It makes urea from

30) Insulin is hormone and it is secreted by

31) One of the following is a muscular layer of the eye - ball

32) Which of these acts an exocrine as well as endo-crine gland?

33) Which of these is a part of the appendicular skeleton

34) One of the following is not true for asexual reproduction ?

35) The function of haemoglobin is

36) A person which of the following blood group is called a universal donor ?

37) Enzymes helps in

38) During formation of bread the product that raises the bread is __________ .

39) Ageing in human being is caused by disappearance of which of the following glands ?

40) Deficeincy of iron in human diet causes ________ .

41) Trachoma is disease of of the __________ .

42) Mumps is disease caused by ________- .

43) Rickets is a disease of the ________ .

44) Which of the following disease is not waterborne ?

45) Which of the following helps in the clotting of the blood ?

46) Vitamin A is found in the ________ .

47) Night blindness is due to lack of ____________ .

48) Which in our diet promote bone formation and calcium absorption in our body ?

49) Rickets in childhood due to lack of __________.

50) Muscular and nervous disorders is due lack of __________.